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Ancient Relationship
Consolidation piece for the 2022 Qest Scholarship Award.
Collect 2023 Somerset House  - London

Reciprocity Exhibition 2023 - Cheltenham 

Size: 145cm diameter 

Medium: Handmade lace made with linen and cotton thread, my grandmother’s handmade lace, raw Tussah silk (wild silk), paper thread, raw silk and vintage leather gloves. 

An Ancient Relationship is part of a larger body of work that has been created using reconstituted family relics interwoven with handmade lace, paper thread and about +/- 300 kilometres of raw silk thread and vintage kid goat gloves. Using beautiful hand-crafted heirlooms; already disjointed and torn apart, and then reconstituting them into something abstract, for me functions largely in the realm of the tactile and the emotional.  The form mimics organisms found in the physical world such as diatoms, microscopic cells and skeletal shapes. These images sit in my creative mind, almost as a memory. The familiar hand-made objects spanning three generations are incorporated to create a three-dimensional physical artefact of a life once lived, an imprint of thought made permanent.


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