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Artists Statement



“Exceptional until time of Collapse”

Mandy Coppes Martin is a visual artist, based in Stroud, UK. Her work seeks to confront the transient nature of time and its influence on the fragile natural world around us. Through the delicate reconstruction of natural forms, Martin creates a narrative that reflects upon the fleeting beauty of the natural world. 


Martin's work offers an insight into the shifting essence of life, making time tangible by emphasising the impermanence of the natural world. Ultimately, her artwork both celebrates and interrogates the mutable aspects of nature, bringing to life moments that are both fleeting and beautifully fragile.


"There are things in the natural world that occur without us even knowing; minute actions that occur in nature that allow us to live on this planet. Things we cannot see. I choose to amplify these abstract notions of nature because we are so far removed from them. These images sit in my creative mind, almost as a memory. Familiar hand-made objects spanning three generations such as antique laces, christening gowns and vintage leather gloves are incorporated to create three-dimensional physical artefacts of a life once lived, an imprint of thought made permanent".  




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