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Artists Statment

Mandy Coppes-Martin works with specific fibres, threads and silks - which weave through her drawings and sculptures - taking the viewer on a journey through traces of the past. 

Mandy completed her Masters Degree in Fine Art (cum laude) in 2004 where she concentrated on the development of local and invasive plant fibres for the production of specialist papers. She continued to work with paper and fibre for the next 12 years partaking in several different intitiatives such as; paper research, product development, research of invasive plant species and sustainable development in communities in and around South Africa. 

 Her works “Trembling Giant” and “Virgin Pulp” were awarded the runner-up prize in the Sasol New Signatures 2012 Art Awards. These works can be found in the Sasol Collection. Mandy has been on numerous group exhibitions in Holland, England, Belgium and the USA as well as the Philippines. In 2016 Mandy was invited to be on the Paper Biennial in Rijswijk in the Netherlands and in 2017 she won the “Transparency” Design competition, funded by the Swedish Embassy and curated and hosted by the University of Johannesburg. 


Coppes-Martin’s work can be found in several private and corporate collections; namely RMB Rand Merchant Bank, RHMH, ABSA, Sasol and the Whitman Museum (USA).  Mandy Coppes–Martin currently lives in Stroud in the Uk.

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