Sasol 2012
Runner Up – Mandy Martin
Trembling Giant and Virgin Pulp
Paper, papers thread and paper pulp.
120 X 120
Strong references made to global ecology and the fleetingness thereof is a fresh, new and innovative concept not explored fully on the African continent as yet. Like the winning work, the artist references similar iconologies but on a grander scale. Here references are made to cross-sections through tress; Trembling Giant being one of the oldest living trees in the Fish Lake area, USA. Constructed entirely from paper and paper pulp the works are thinly constructed and ethereal in nature. The works reflect shadows onto the wall behind them evoking a sense of spirituality. This spiritual approach represents the thin space we as humans find ourselves in, forcing our existence upon nature but not knowing what nature may still have in stall for us. The delicate approach to the work and the process thereof afford these works timelessness, which is powerful and transcendental in nature.