Mandy Coppes-Martin works with specific fibres, threads and silks - which weave through through her drawings and sculptures; taking the viewer on a journey through traces of the past. 

“I am interested in the physical connection to the material, the subject matter I work with and the theoretical association with the image and the material”.

Coppes-Martin applies the traditional art of crocheting and french loom knitting to paper thread and raw silk fibres to create forms and shapes that depict a life once lived, or an action once taken. Whether the resulting image is a depiction of an abstract mark of nature or an interpretation of a literal object her art seeks to retrace the past and, in turn, create a new skeleton of memories. 


A distinctive aspect of her work is the imperfection, the fragmentation. It is symbolic of life itself, the world around us. 


“Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, nothing is perfect and nothing is forever” 

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